Published: March 02, 2021

continuum-: On the heels of Bézier’s first release on miv comes the genre-bending Continuum EP.

The title is very much apt, as it’s a continued line of sonic thought, following the dance-forward collaboration with Vin Sol, Thru Out.

Its dynamic range creates a small multiverse, and is very much an expression of Bézier’s progression and versatility as an artist.

At times the mood is dystopian, at others, it’s bright and vigorous.

Pulling from leftfield techno to electro to dark disco, this EP showcases grittier works that retain a playful, potent energy.

The first half of the EP is moody and primal; the gnarled, scowling bassline of opening track “Coto de Caza” sets the tone.

“Surfing the Wedge” places techno elements alongside atypical rhythmic patterns, thereby sustaining a delicious tension.

The second half springboards from this tension with “Snap into Focus,” a wild, rave-ready cut whose battering percussive elements aim to move the body.

Throughout, Bézier’s analog approach to production injects this EP with texture and vitality.

Continuum ends with its title track, whose glittering synth and booming electro beat deliver us to a sweaty, happily exhausted close.

All around, Bézier’s latest is vigorous and effectual, primed to ignite dance floors.

Words by: Taylor Bratches

miv. is a new label by the artist: Bézier aka Robert Yang.

miv. is short for mémoire involontaire.

miv. is romantic, nighttime music.

Illustrations by Benedikt Rugar. Visual identity and website by Diego Scaro.